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Calgary Arts Academy 

Calgary Arts AcademyThe Werklund Foundation partnered with the Calgary Arts Academy in 2016 to help complete the new Youth Campus located at the Calgary Stampede in the historic Weston Bakery building.  The innovative learning campus is the new home for 300 Year 4 to 9 students. Calgary Arts Academy is a Kindergarten to Year 9 Public Charter School that teaches the Alberta curriculum through Arts Immersion, a unique planning model.  The school was founded in 2003 with a focus on the student leaving tradition behind and embraces new education methods and learning style theories. 

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Education Matters

Education MattersEducation Matters makes enhanced educational programs possible in the Calgary Board of Education and provide student awards, scholarships, and bursaries to ensure that Calgary students have the opportunity to achieve more.  The best public education happens when the community participates in its development to ensure that disadvantaged students succeed in school and that every student is prepared for adult life.

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Telus Spark

We partnered with TELUS Spark, the Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta to develop a distinctive and exciting Learning & Leadership Centre. The result of the collaboration impacts broad and diverse audiences and influence our universal understanding of the fundamentals of leadership and the emotional dynamics affecting it. Telus Spark features an interactive learning exhibit and integrates innovative technologies and a media centre designed to help children and youth understand how they learn and develop critical thinking skills.

Werklund Youth Leadership Centre

Launched in May of 2010, the Werklund Youth Leadership Centre was designed to be a primary hub for youth, educators, pre service teachers, community partners, and researchers interested in youth leadership education. Although there is considerable research in the area of youth studies, limited work had been done on youth leadership, and even less on educational programs for the development of youth leadership. The Werklund Youth Leadership Centre proposed, developed and published research focused on youth leadership education, and hosted academic meetings, symposiums, and workshops for scholars, teachers and community members. The Werklund Youth Leadership Centre was located within the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.


WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. WE is a charity that encourages young people to get involved with your family, school, company or as an individual. On March 13, 2018, Werklund Foundation and WE announced a new partnership in service learning. Through combined values rooted in youth engagement, the two organizations teamed up to set the foundation for a comprehensive national youth service strategy to equip all young Canadians with the academic knowledge, personal skill development and social engagement they needed to become true leaders of social change in their communities.


As a lead investor, the Werklund Foundation helped AWALI establish Aga Khan University's Institute for Educational Development in East Africa. Additionally, the Foundation supported AWALI Reads, a targeted literacy intervention program in Tanzania that significantly improved the education outcomes within that region.

David Werklund

"Education is not a tool for development - individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams."

~ Nita Ambani
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