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Application for One-Year Innovation Grants

Grant Streams are now closed for 2024. Please check back in early spring 2025. 

Innovation grants are for charities trying a new approach with evidence of need for the innovation. Charities will demonstrate the predicted outcomes, and that the innovation is not duplicating existing work. Typically, these grants are for up to $25k per year; charities are encouraged to ask for the amount they genuinely need.  The deadline for submission is June 28th 2024. Applications will be considered by the Foundation Board of Directors in November and decisions communicated to all applicants in December 2024. Charities are invited to send their applications to kathleen.newson@werklund.com.

Before starting an application, please ensure that your charity meets the Eligibility Criteria. The application must provide the following information:

  1. Name of organization
  2. CRA charitable number
  3. Contact details (contact name, address, email, telephone)
  4. Brief description of organization (mission, vision, specific area of focus)
  5. Link to website if applicable
  6. Description of the program you are requesting funding for
  7. The ages and numbers of youth impacted by this work
  8. Describe how this work is different to what already exists in the field.
  9. Describe the intended outcomes of this program, ideally in a theory of change.  If your request for funding is successful, you will be asked to report on your intended outcomes. We appreciate these outcomes may evolve as the work develops and we are interested in your learning.
  10. Amount of funding you are requesting from the Foundation and the rationale for the amount.
  11. If your application is for partial funding of a program, indicate the proportion you are asking for the from the Foundation and the status of funding sought from other sources.
  12. Include a bio of your Executive Director/CEO and bios of your directors (if these exist on your website you may indicate this and insert the link).
  13. Please tell us about any existing or prior relationships with any member of the Werklund family, the Werklund Foundation or the Werklund group of companies.
  14. Attachments: Please include your latest financial statements and annual/impact report.

  Contact Information

If you would like to discuss your application, please email Kathleen to set up a short conversation. Please ensure that you have read through all the information on the website to enable an informed discussion.

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